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AP Alternative Assets, L.P.

AP Alternative Assets, L.P. (AAA), a publicly-listed permanent capital vehicle, issued approximately $1.9 billion of equity capital in its initial global offering in June 2006 to invest alongside our private equity funds, directly into our capital markets funds and into other transactions that we sponsor and manage. The common units of AAA are listed on Euronext Amsterdam and trade under the ticker "AAA".


Since its formation, AAA has allowed us to quickly target certain investment opportunities by capitalizing new investment vehicles formed by Apollo in advance of a lengthier third party fundraising process. AAA was the initial investor in one of our mezzanine funds, two of our global distressed and hedge funds, and our non-performing loan fund. AAA's current portfolio consists of a single opportunistic investment in Athene Holding Ltd. which, together with its subsidiaries (collectively, "Athene"), provides insurance products focused primarily on the retirement market, and its business centers primarily on issuing or reinsuring fixed and equity-indexed annuities.  For additional information about Athene please see the Reports & Filings/Additional Documents section of AAA's website at and Athene's website at


For more information about AAA, please see the company's website: